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Carrier Clinic, Healing Arts Program

I am honored to be asked by Don Parker to work on this project. I was moved by the expansion and open design of the architects to tears. The new renovation of the site and entire facility and site allow to consider the maximum amount of light in a clean and healthy environment. The site itself was also redone replacing buildings and care that dates back to the fifties and previous.

Lobby Carrier Clinic, Skillman, NJ 2

The facility adorns over a fifty works of art from my studio and cannon large format printer. The art is designed to bring windows of nature and color into the space, filling long hallways and large sunlit walls. The space has moved far from the institutional look of the past.

Don Parker & Members 2

President Don Parker is a rare personality who can pull very complex building and administration skills together, quite an art in itself. He has left a legacy with this project to add to the outstanding work with AtlantiCare.

Don Parker & Members 1

The art was photographed by Dan Myers in Somers Point, NJ. The files were rebuilt in Photoshop then printed on canvas and fine art paper. The work was infused with pastels and layered glazes. The art really are mixed media work. Many are far from print base often with many layers and finished with a museum grade coating from breathing color. I use their Lyve canvas and archival fine art paper. This technique allows color reflection and absorption much like the luminous originals, sometimes they are in uniquely their own category.

Lobby Carrier Clinic, Skillman, NJ 1

The art is stunning on the walls and gives dignity and provides an aesthetic care to mental health facilities and hospitals. The art also brings out the design elements as well in the building and surrounding area.

I offer this work for sale through my website and welcome this kind of work for both quality and budget.


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