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Carrier Clinic

The Carrier Clinic is a mental health facility in Skillman NJ dedicated to helping with a comprehensive range of traditional and innovative therapies.  The art designed for this new overhauled facility again focuses on bringing nature and a window of color and nature’s inspiration on the walls of the buildings.

Over a hundred gicles were printed embellished with pastels uniquely glazed and coated.  There are many horizontal works as well as oversized pieces designed and printed on my cannon ipf 8300 to adorn these walls.

I am very happy with the choices Don made and how they bring out the beautiful site design and buildings that maximize the amount of light cascading off the walls and art.

To me,  it provides dignity and an aesthetic environment showing care by the choices of the art and the way the buildings were built.  It has been one of the most fulfilling projects to design art for due to the open spaces.  The contemporary landscapes and florals create a window into nature harmony and light so much needed to bring positive qualities into living space.


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