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Destruction Of A Mural

This beautiful mural is under a layer of paint at present designed originally for Stainton’s, Ocean City.

The mural, a 70ft modern painting was painted over by Stainton’s management before hurricane Sandy without my knowledge.

In their great wisdom the owners painted over my 8 months of work without telling me. They also did nothing to minimize the loss of all my artwork as well during hurricane Sandy. My only payment was to have a gallery space after doing an entire redesign of the interior and exterior of a block long building. My design work cleaned up a 30 year mess into a successful makeover. It is hard to imagine doing business with people who take advantage of the artist and art in this way.

I walked into the building for the first time after the water receded from hurricane Sandy and was shocked to see the 70ft wall blank. I was then bullied out of the building by a bouncer when asking questions about how such a terrible thing could happen. In shock I immediately took all of my wet art out of the building in freezing weather that night. Until daybreak I threw much of my Seascapes and prints that were painted on location out into a dumpster on the street. I did this alone in this cold deserted town. I have never experienced such callous and inconsiderate people.

The trauma and pain taught me much about being careful with whom such hard work is done for. There were those who helped selflessly and those who selfishly thought of their own gain and insurance during this hurricane, so much for class.
That year was probably the hardest for me. The mural was a legacy and testament to Mr. Stainton – a philanthropist. It was one of my greatest creative challenges involving much sacrifice and effort. I wished it to be part of its history. My great teachers at the Parsons School of Design taught me all too well to do your best beyond any standard. Painting a mural like this is like washing a hundred cars or more. It is sad that of this outcome and to think my titanic effort remains under a layer of latex paint!


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