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Enlightened Solutions Project – Jenn Hanson Director

I have had the honor to work with Jenn Hanson this year for the birth of Enlightened Solutions.

The project called for the color and art design of a vacant building along with a 360 mural in a yoga and treatment room.

Enlightened solutions is a space dedicated to helping addiction recovery. My concern was to focus on a creative aesthetic space using a high frequency of color that would transform the rooms and have them flow one into the other for individual usage and harmony.

Light greens, and rose color, and aqua green hues with complimentary colors weave through the facility like a painting! I am very happy to be part of sharing nature in a space in hopes that the design can inspire the care and attention to detail often missed in living space.

Jenn Hanson herself has dedicated her mission to help mostly young adults who struggle and suffer with these strong drugs, the building also utilizes earth elements including special tile and a waterfall garden that was a closet at the entrance.

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