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University of Kentucky Hospital

I am very happy to be commissioned 10 original new sport paintings for the university of Kentucky Hospital. The paintings included horseback riding, kayak, rock climbing, basketball, running, football, cycling tennis, soccer in large format in the new facility. I also created a special collection of oversized large basketball paintings. This work was done especially for UK to acknowledge the strong basketball team they have. The two paintings below are over 4ft in length and were built from a sketch base printed in large format on a cannon 8300. The work is on textured fine art paper so working in acrylic glazes and pastels was possible.

This work impressed them the most and it was something I did as an extra!

Photo 2 University of Kentucky Healing Arts Project

I used a mixed media approach to them. The paintings are 44′ by 60″. There is also a 30 ft collage especially designed and printed on my printer then coated and embellished in place.

Photo 3 University of Kentucky Healing Arts Project


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