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Wildflowers Earthy Fare

Wildflowers organic earthy fare is my first stop before i go to work in my studio at the Riverfront Renaissance Art Center in Millville. The food is nourishing and gives everything i need to go to work!

It all started while played violin for a band called Jug Paradise (just sitting in). They asked me to join them the next day at Wildflowers …….After playing and eating the chocolate pancakes i knew I was home!

In fact later I was offered a coveted studio at the Riverfront Art Center and then never left!

I was invited into the art community and decided to paint the gallery space and make new signs for Wildflowers.

I printed them using one of my paintings with the graphics and then printed it on my large format Canon.

The print is then coated and embellished much to whether the storms of life!

The kind and considerate treatment towards the art community is something other towns can learn especially Atlantic city where I have a gallery studio of my work. Every town needs a place like wildflowers.

I have been eating a compassionate vegetarian diet as a vegetarian since 1985, I find it conducive to a spiritual and healthy focus.

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